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Marketing & Communications University Student

"The interesting thing about the YAP journey is that it gives you jobs that your "personality" would excel at. Also, it shows your strengths and areas of development and how to deal with them in order to overcome obstacles. I do look back at it every now and then, sometimes feeling a bit pressured by the jobs that are listed, as I never saw myself doing some of them. Yet, there are many jobs that DO interest me, which helped me choose a field in university.
I think most people growing up are looking for anything that will put them in a category - something to make them feel "normal", make them believe they have a path. Although the consolidated report gave me specifications , I feel the information shared by Tamayyaz gave a more detailed description of my personality, made me understand myself better and got me to say "that's sooooo true" several times. This helped me realize my personality traits better and allowed me to accept certain things, and work on other things."