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Badri El Meouchi

A young executive, leader, and consultant who works collaboratively with clients across the globe to help them develop and implement corporate governance, in addition to building and implementing anti-corruption mechanisms. He possesses an Extensive training and facilitation experience with large and small organizations worldwide.

He acted as an Executive Director of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA - Transparency International’s chapter in Lebanon), and the executive director of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Lebanon from 2005 to 2012. He supervised and coordinated LTA’s public and private sector programs to promote good governance and transparency in Lebanon, and IoD’s efforts to promote Corporate Governance (CG) in Lebanon and the region. Such initiatives have included the development and launching of CG Codes and raising awareness in the private sector on the principles and benefits of CG: through organizing conferences, facilitating workshops and identifying companies which can serve as case studies in applying CG. During this time, Badri was also working in partnership with the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Corporate Governance Project in Lebanon, which aimed to offer Lebanese and Arab companies with a variety of services through the IoD – including CG Assessments and Implementation Plans, as well as training courses for board members and top management.

Since 2012, Badri consulted and provided advisory services on corporate governance, project management and anti-corruption policies to a variety of international organizations as well as individual banks, companies and NGOs in the MENA region. He is currently serving as a regional consultant for the UNDP, where he is responsible for developing and disseminating a course on collective action and good governance targeting SMEs across the MENA region.

Badri joined Tamayyaz team in 2015 as a Corporate Governance Consultant and has been developing new Corporate Governance Services in order to helps SMEs develop and implement governance framework within their organizations.