Our success stories » Aviation: Women Empowerment Program


A 1 year Women Empowerment Program aiming at developing the Leadership Skills of 10 selected ladies


Selection of candidates based on well defined criteria;
Self-Awareness workshop allowing candidates to understand themselves and others;
Emotional Intelligence workshop to help candidates manage their emotions in order to reach their objectives;
On the Job Observations to identify strengths and success boosters;
Driving the development of personal and professional action plans;
One on One Coaching Sessions to follow through on the individual action plans;
Leadership Development workshops conducted twice per month over the length of the program;
Facilitating a Project in which the team is responsible for the Planning, Preparation and Execution of a CSR Event;
360 Degree Feedback survey conducted at the end of the Program to measure the behavioral changes.


Increased Self-awareness;
A sound and clear action plan to develop the Leadership Skills of candidates;
Tools and Techniques to manage own emotions and actions in order to set and achieve a specific goal;
Implementation of Brainstorming and Mind mapping techniques;
Tools and best practices related to Problem Solving and Decision Making;
Acquisition of Presentation Skills and Body Language Techniques in order to put a point across;
Development of Personal and Professional Network in order to ensure support;
Expert Support provided throughout the whole program to guarantee behavioral changes;
Applied Project Management Essentials;
CSR Project Execution;
Individual 360 Degree Feedback Reports highlighting personal and professional strengths and areas of development;
Creation of a Women Empowerment Alumni whereas Program graduates acted as mentors for future candidates.


“The program was extremely beneficial and enjoyable; it has impacted me on the professional and personal levels. I am now aware of all the steps needed to have a balanced life and acquired the needed tools to also maintain my professional success and fulfillment. I would like to thank Tamayyaz facilitators and my organization for this wonderful opportunity; I am sure I will make the best out of it.”

(Women Empowerment Program Candidate)