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Identify Careers that match Personality and Interest

Around 50-70% of students end up changing their study major at least once: choosing a study major is one of the hardest decisions for a student to make and the most expensive process for parents. A thorough career support aligning career choice to individual talents and interests will provide students with a sense of security by establishing who they are, their core values, and their areas of further development regarding their chosen paths.

Facilitate the integration into working life

Unemployment of young adults up to 25 years has become a huge concern during the past years. In order to get employed, young adults will need to develop attractive CVs, face interviews confidently and acquire the skills needed to integrate the workplace and get off to a good start in their new job.

Our Unique Approach

The Youth Programs are designed to guide and support you during a journey of self-discovery where you will explore and identify your personal vision, mission, talents, motives and goals. We will help you make the right career choice and provide you with tools that will help you reach your full potential. We will allow for a smooth transition from the education system to the professional one by enhancing self-awareness and positive thinking.