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  • Competency Check

    Rita Rizk assesses the benefits of Psychometric Test... a controversial tool that measures individual's work skills, attitude and personality traits.

  • Performance Appraisal: pro or against?

  • A Christmas Carol - Lessons For Corporate Governance

    The secret of success is to make a realistic assessment of where you are today and make changes to determine the future course of the business.

  • If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

    It's said productivity is never an accident, but a result of intelligent planning. John Merrigan delves deeper on how companies can fail adversely without a comprehensive plan.

  • More Reflection On 'Terms of Service', Less Adverse Reactions

    Good corporate governance can be achieved by continual review and close monitoring of key service contracts in any business. It not only helps in saving time and money, but also keeps one focused on building profits.

  • Transparency: Key To Ensure Better Corporate Governance

    One of the easiest methods of acquiring investor, customer engagement is to ensure transparency in your business.

  • Catch 'Em Young

    Attracting young Emiratis into the finance and accounting industry is a real challenge. Rita Aoun Rizk advocates for a fresher approach, by raising awareness and knowledge about the profession at school level…