About us
  • Our Company Overview
    Tamayyaz is a bespoke provider of tailored solutions for leading organisations and individuals across the Mena region. Since its establishment in 2009, we have engaged with over 150 clients from all sectors, including Automotive, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, F&B and others.
    As human capital developers, Tamayyaz works collaboratively with its clients to personalize and tailor the right approach and process that will lead them towards the continuous creation of higher performance.
    Our philosophy is based on the belief that all individuals and organisations are unique and require individual solutions to meet their needs – this is why we have the fingerprint in our logo that is carried through to all our engagements. We seek to impart knowledge that translates into embedded behaviours and a sustainable culture of learning and development that enables the organization and individuals to achieve their objectives.
    Our strength is our people with in-depth international experience combined with a deep understanding of local culture and business operations in the region.
  • Our Mission & Vision
    Our Mission
    To partner with individuals & organisations in order to support their success through awareness, guidance, tools and processes that will foster a culture of excellence.
    Our Vision
    To cover the MENA region through our branches, representatives and franchises, and to become the partner of choice for individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional growth and profitability.
  • Our Core Values

    Our Values are fundamental to our success and are the foundation of our company’s exponential growth.

    Partnership & Uniqueness:

    We partner to bring out the uniqueness of individuals and organizations and to provide them with resourceful solutions that will distinguish them from competition.


    Integrity & Trust:

    We follow through on our promises and act with integrity in order to build partnerships based on trust.


    Growth & Contribution:

    We help individuals and organizations develop their full potential in order to add value to their community and excel in their personal and professional life.

  • Our Methodology

    We strongly believe in tailor-made processes & solutions that respond to current needs and priorities

    1) We listen to your needs and expectations

    2) We design a low-cost, low-risk, high profit "best fit" solution

    3) We ensure delivery using proven tools and the expertise of our consultants

    4) We follow up with you to ensure implementation of the solution

    5) We ensure a Return on Investment

  • Our Unique Approach

    Partner with you by immersing into your company, understanding the operations of your organization, probing deeper into areas of opportunity, and identifying the missing gaps and challenges in collaboration with the expertise of your human resources.

    Customize, develop and implement a human capital development program through focus groups, workshops and training modules in order to generate best practice solutions.

    Follow through to make sure that your employees acquire the "best practices" to continuously enhance performance and move the company towards excellence.

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